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Stripped Down Productions was delighted to present the world premiere of The Curing Room by David Ian Lee and directed by Joao de Sousa.  This was a highly acclaimed production that caused a huge stir in 2014 at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and in London.


Spring 1944 – Seven Soviet Soldiers have been captured by the Nazis, stripped naked and abandoned in the locked empty cellar of a monastery in southern Poland.  Deprived of all ties to their world, the prisoners redefine their concepts of order and human nature.  In order to survive the men resort to murder and cannibalism.  How do they reconcile rank, faith and dignity in such circumstances?  Powerful, thought-provoking with moments of dark humour, The Curing Room is a bold, daring thriller inspired by true events.

Production Dates:

Edinburgh Festival Fringe
Pleasance (King Dome) - July/August 2014

Pleasance Islington, London – October/November 2014

WARNING full-frontal nudity throughout.

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